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Life Challenges - Recovery

Several things can make you feel very defeated in life. Many of us struggle with different hurts, hang-ups and habits. Find hope, healing and the power to persevere and overcome. Find friends, love, understanding and people that struggle with the same things you do. Check out some of these sites and take heart... You are not alone!

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  • Sexual Abuse Survivor: I’m struggling with experiences from my past. How do I cope? Is healing possible? Read a story of survival.
  • Codependency Recovery: What does the Bible say about a codependent lifestyle? How can we escape using God's guidelines found in scripture?
  • 12 Step Program: The story behind faith-based recovery programs. The test for alcoholism and the sources for help. What's the long-term solution?
  • Sexual Addiction: A process addiction that's progressive in nature. A secret cycle that can get out of control and ruin our relationships.
  • Anorexia & Bulimia: An eating disorder with serious consequences. The medical effects of binging and purging. How to escape the cycle of despair!
  • Codependency: A desire to control or a need to be controlled? A look at the internal struggles of a codependent lifestyle.
  • Forgiving Infidelity: Find healing following an extramarital affair. Receive hope and start fresh. Fill the emptiness with true love.

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